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    CCC MOPS Sale

    SELLERS - General

    Selling with CCC MOPS
    As a seller with CCC MOPS Consignment Sale, you will receive 70% of the proceeds and CCC MOPS will receive 30%.  Beginning with the Spring 2013 sale, all sellers who volunteer 2 shifts will receive 75% of their proceeds and 4 shifts will earn you 80%!  Saturdays shifts are counted as two shifts!!  The proceeds from this sale support the MOPS moms in the Smyrna community as well as a mentor program with teen moms from a local high school. 

    Please read this page in its entirety followed by the Preparation Checklist. If you have any further questions, check our Seller FAQ page or contact us at

    Volunteer Sale: TH, 3/6 5:30pm-7:30pm
    Seller Sale: TH, 3/66 6pm-7:30pm
    Public Sale: FRI, 3/7 9:30am-7pm and SAT, 3/8 9am-1pm

    Important Dates to Remember:
    Last Day to REGISTER to Volunteer:
         Sunday 3/2 at 11:59 p.m.
    Last Day to REGISTER to Sell:
        Friday 2/28 at 11:59 p.m.
    Last Day to SCHEDULE a Check-In Appt:   
    Sunday, 3/2 at 05:00 p.m.

    LOCK DOWN DATE: Sunday, 3/2 at 11:59 p.m. (no more items can be entered, but you CAN print)

     Spring/Summer ACCEPTED Items:
    Jeans, capris, Summer/Spring style skirts and dresses
    T-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, long sleeve Easter type shirts or cardigans ONLY
    Costumes and dress up wear
    Light Jackets, rain coats
    Holiday items: St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Independence Day
    Rain boots, sneakers, sandals, closed toe shoes, flip flops

    Items NOT ACCEPTED for Spring/Summer Sale:

    Fall/Summer style clothing (lined pants/jeans, heavy sweaters, heavy coats)

    Winter boots

    Fall/Winter holiday themed items: Halloween clothes (excludes costumes), Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day

    Any dated/vacation items (camp t-shirts, location t-shirts)

    What do I need to sell my stuff?

    1. An active registration account through our site at and payment of our non-refundable $8 seller fee via paypal or check.

     2. Heavy 64lb to 67lb WHITE card stock paper for printing tags

    3. Items to sell

    4. Lots of safety pins

    5. Clear packing tape

    6. Ziploc bags (large and small)

    7. Wire hangers

    8. Zip Ties (for shoes and holding items together)

    Tagging Guidelines:

    • Please use only 64lb. to 67 lb. WHITE card stock paper.
    • Tags with handwritten or typed changes will not be accepted.
    • Tags may be printed from your account at any time after registration is completed. 
     General Seller Guidelines:
    Limit 15 for the following items: maternity items, vhs tapes and shoes
    You must have a minimum of 10 items and a maximum of 500.
    Use only WIRE HANGERS
    No stuffed animals
    Clothing sizes accepted from newborn-10 (boys & girls)
    All electronic equipment must be in working order at drop-off.  Batteries have to remain in item so shoppers can see items work.
    We cannot accept clothing with old dates or vacation destinations
    Car seats accepted if manufactured within 5 years from now and NOT in an accident.
    Cribs are not accepted
    Use only clear packing tape (never scotch tape or duct tape)
    Shoes should be zip-tied if possible.  Infant shoes can be bagged, but avoid safety pins.

    CCC MOPS Consignment Sale,
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