Seller FAQ

Q. How do I register to be a seller with CCC MOPS Children's Consignment Sale? 
A. Click the LOGIN button from the sidebar of any page. 

Q. Is it better to pay my registration fee by check or through paypal?
A. It is more timely to pay via paypal because your registration will be automatically cleared when your transaction is complete.  If you choose to pay by check, we cannot clear you to enter items into our system until we receive your check in the mail.  This can take up to a week from the time you mail the check.  Our current registration fee is $8.00. 
Q. Is it true that I can receive my seller payment via check at pick up on Saturday between 4:00-5:00 pm?
A. Yes! We now offer check pick up at seller pick up on Saturday between 4:00 and 5:00. Simply bring your ID and pick up your check while you pick up your unsold items.

Q. How can I receive my seller check via paypal? 
A. You can sign up to receive your seller check via Paypal by using this form.  Once you sign up on the form, you will be entered in our Paypal account and we will note that it's your preferred method of payment.  Paypal can be connected to a credit card or to your checking account.  If you have an account connected to your checking account, we transfer the money to your Paypal account.  You will then need to transfer it to your checking account if you choose.  The only thing we need to complete this transaction is the email that you use for your paypal account!  It's super-easy and the turn around is lightning fast!  Please note: The seller is required to sign up for Paypal for EACH sale.  This is for the protection of the seller so we insure all information is current. 

Q. Where do I find wire hangers?
A. We recommend calling, messaging, and texting all of your friends and family who do not sell in consignment sales and ask them for their wire hangers.  Many of us have found this to be the most successful way to get wire hangers.  Some dry cleaners will give them away or sell them if you have a good relationship with that business. 

Q. Where do I find 64-67 lb. WHITE cardstock paper?
A. Your best bet is to head over to an office supply store and confirm the weight is at least 64 lb. and no more than 67 lb. before purchasing.

Q. What if I have paper that is heavier than 67 lb?
A. The software we use recommends nothing larger than 67 lb because most printers do not print as clearly on the heavier paper.  It's more likely that the ink with be distorted or hard to read for our scanners. 

Q. Do I have to use white cardstock?
A. We HIGHLY recommend using white cardstock because we know that it scans well with our software.  We cannot guarantee the scanning quality of pastel colors and we will not accept tags that do not scan at seller check-in.

Q. Where do I find safety pins in large quantities?
A. Craft stores are great places to find safety pins.  If you're in a pinch, you can find them anywhere (Wal-Mart, grocery stores, etc.).  However, it's best to head for stores that sell fabric if you want a large quantity of safety pins. 

Q. I signed up and registered to volunteer, but now I want to be a seller.  What do I do?
A. Not to worry!  Just send us an email at telling us that you would like to change from "volunteer only" to "volunteer and seller".  We can change the account, but you will have to go back into your account and pay your $8 registration fee.  

Q. What company do you use for your electronic tagging system?
A. We use My Consignment Manager to manage all of our sale services. 

Q. When is your Presale?
A. We hold this sale from 5:30pm-7:30pm on the Thursday before the Public Sale.  Volunteers shop first at 5:30pm, and then Sellers are allowed to enter at 6:00pm.  
Q. When do you accept seller items?
A. We accept items during the following time slots the week of our current sale: Sunday 5:00pm-9:00pm, Monday 9:20 am-12:20pm and 5:20pm-7pm. Please note that you must reserve a check-in time in the MYCM site for us to accept your items! Volunteers are not present at the church outside of these scheduled time slots.  Items dropped off at the church without a volunteer present to accept them will not be allowed to be sold in our sale. 
Q. If I change information about my item, do I have to reprint my tags?
A. Yes, you must re-print your tags if you make any changes in the computer to your item information.  Your changes will not be applied if you do not reprint.  
Handwritten changes or altered tags are NOT honored.  
Q. I want to view my items that were sold during the sale, but I don't know where to go.
A. Log into your seller account and go to the very bottom of your home page.  You will see a button titled "View Settlement Report."  Click on this and you will see your items sold each night of our sale.  Please allow a few hours after the close of each sale for these numbers to be updated.  We do try our best to update each evening of the sale, however, some instances may require additional time.  We appreciate your understanding in these cases.  

Q. What is a print code?
A. If you are asked for a print code in order to print your tags, please contact us directly and we'll provide it for you via email or over the phone.  However, you should not be asked for a print code if you logged in from our website at 

Q. Do you allow underwear to be sold at your sale?
A. No, we do not accept any underwear at this time. 

Q. I can't get the consignor agreement to print? 
A. If your computer won't properly load that consignor agreement, please don't worry.  We always provide a stack of blank consignor agreements and the car seat addendum at our check-in table. 

Q. I just tried to enter my items, but it says that the sale is LOCKED.  What do I do?
A. If you get a notice that the sale is locked it could be one of two things.  The first possibility is that we are working in the system and locked it briefly for security issues.  The second possibility is that you are trying to enter items after our scheduled "lock down" date.  Please note the date that we are scheduled to lock our system down so you don't get stuck.  You will be unable to enter any more items after our sale is locked.  However, you can print your tags after our sale is locked.