Transferring Items

Transferring Items Between Sales
(Using My Consignment Manager)
It is super easy to transfer your items between sales without re-tagging all of your items!  Keep in mind that we presently ONLY accept Spring/Summer season clothing.  When transferring items, be careful that you are not just rolling items from sale to sale to sale.  If they haven't sold after 2 sales, it is time to reprice & retag!

How do I transfer my tags?
1.  Register for our current sale.  Once you have paid your registration fee, you will have access to this particular sale. 
2.  Login to the current sale and Click on “Manage Inventory“ from the blue menu bar toward the top of the screen.  From this screen enter your search criteria to pull up your inventory. 
3.  Once your inventory is on the screen, check the boxes next to each item that you plan on reselling. 
4.  Once the items are checked choose the current Sale under the “Item Transfers“ section.  By simply choosing this sale and clicking on “Transfer Item(s) to Consignment“ it will put all of your checked items into the current sale.  That's it!
5.  Your items are ready to be dropped off.  If you have additional items to enter, simply click on “Enter Items“ from the blue bar menu at the top of the screen to enter any additional items you wish to sell. 

Changing Existing Tags. . .
You must REPRINT if you are changing anything on your tags!  If you want to resell an item, but want to change information on the tag such as the price, size or description just follow the instructions above to transfer the items into the current sale first.  Once the items have been transferred, you will need to edit each item from this same screen and then reprint the tags and attach the new tag to your item(s).

Yes, you can use your existing tags...if they look like our tags. . .
Important Notes:
1.  Review all the information on the tag to make sure that you do not want to change anything.  Tags that are altered will not be honored at the cash registers. 
2. We are not accepting tags that look different from the sample above. 
3. If you are re-using tags from another sale, it is possible that you won't be able to view your inventory sold during the Sale.  We RECOMMEND RE-TAGGING as the best way to keep track of your inventory.  
4.  Sellers that are transferring items from another sale must make sure their seller number is the same 4-digit number in both sales.  My Consignment Manager can not credit the proper seller if this is not the same number.  

Do I have to use white cardstock?
We HIGHLY recommend using white cardstock because we know that it scans well with our software.  We cannot guarantee the scanning quality of pastel colors and we, unfortunately, can not accept tags that do not scan at seller check-in.