Volunteer FAQ

Q. How do I sign up to be a volunteer?
A1. If you are already a seller, you just need to sign up for a volunteer shift when you login through our website.  If you are not a seller with us, please login to register as a volunteer.

Q. What is the Presale?
A. The presale is for volunteers and sellers only!  It is a special sale just for our devoted volunteers and sellers and it gives them first access to all of the best possible items in our sale!  At the presale, you shop before we open to the public, so don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Q. I signed up and registered to volunteer, but now I want to be a seller.  What do I do?
A. Not to worry!  Just send us an email at info@cccmopssale.com telling us that you would like to change from "volunteer only" to "volunteer and seller".  We can change the account, but you will have to go back into your account and pay your $8 registration fee. 

Q. What kind of things will I be doing as a volunteer?
A.  We can accommodate almost anyone as a volunteer.  We have some light-duty work (limited availability), so I promise you that EVERYONE can help!  You might be setting up the floor, sorting items, donating meals/snacks, checking in items or tagging donated items.  During the sale, you might be a tagger, greeter, cashier, station monitor or helping with break down. 

Q. Do you offer childcare for the children of volunteers?
A. Yes, we offer childcare for all weekday shifts, Sunday afternoon and Saturday morning shifts.  Childcare is provided on Sunday and Saturday morning for the people who will serve alongside their spouses ONLY.  When signing up for a shift through our site, you will have to remember that ONLY the shifts designated will provide childcare to volunteers.  If you require childcare, you must fill out the childcare form so we can insure the safety of our children.  We need to know how many workers to hire.

Q. Can I shop the presale if my volunteer shift is scheduled after the presale? 
A.  Of course you can!  We have your name on a list of scheduled volunteers and we will check you off when you arrive to shop the pre-sale on Thursday night.  However, if you do now show for your scheduled volunteer shift, you will not be allowed to volunteer or sell at our next sale and if you are also a seller will be charged a $25 penalty for not showing up.  

Q. Can someone else work in my place?
A. Always!  We'll take friends, family and husbands at any time.  We would prefer to have the men work Sunday afternoon set up and Saturday afternoon break down shifts!